‘Round the Year’ Cleaning Tips for Healthier Carpets

When it comes to keeping your house clean, what’s good enough? What’s “clean enough?” And most importunately, how do you really know that you’re keeping your family healthy and free of germs, bacteria and dirt? By knowing the five factors of healthy and happy living, of course! Here they are, so you can forever rake in the benefits of clean air and toxic free home living.

The #1 Must Have Cleaning Tool

What electronic equipment should a home never be without? Why, a vacuum of course. Here’s what studies have shown: vacuuming reduces your risk of everything from the common cold to disease that can otherwise stump you in your tracks. As the holidays approach, it’s more important than ever to keep your loved ones in their healthiest shape possible. You’ve got turkeys to carve, for goodness sake – and no one needs a side order of ‘sneeze’ to go with that cranberry!

Create a Habit That Lasts

Keeping carpets clean all year (not just once a year when your mother-in-law rolls into town) can be a stressful event. That is, it’s stressful if your carpets look like an army of muddy men just trampled across your floor! Spend ten minutes a day now keeping them orderly and free of visible dirt. It’s easy to do when you get into the habit of vacuuming after dinner, or right before everyone sits down to watch TV. Pick just one thing that motivates you to keep your home clean and orderly – and enjoy a healthy home that all will benefit from!

When in Doubt, Use Rugs!

Rugs are a busy household’s best friend. Are you making the most of yours? For example, are you saving wear and tear on your floor by covering the high traffic areas of your home with a beautiful Persian or Oriental rug? Rugs make life easier again – and with a variety of colors, textures and fabrics to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

Dining Room Troubleshooting

Does your dining room have carpet – and a lightly colored carpet to boot? Bummer. If carpet covers the floor in your dining room, then you know the drill: every night poses a risk that spaghetti sauce, juice and soup stains will stain your otherwise gorgeous carpet.  When the weather permits, move outside for a fun outdoor picnic, or place a large rug underneath your dining room table to limit contact on your carpet. Saving your dining area carpets is well worth the effort to change things up during dinnertime!

Sometimes, you can work miracles in your home. Sometimes, you just can’t ‘do it all’ despite your best efforts – and when that happens, call Chem-Dry of Boulder. Chem-Dry is the world’s leading carpet cleaning professionals and in one quick swoop, they’ll take out not only those stains you can see, but the dangerous, illness-creating ones you can’t. Call today and live healthier, cleaner and happier!

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